Emanuel Vardi

Image from New York Times obituary, 2/7/2011For my doctoral project, I am in the process of researching about the life and legacy of the versatile violist, Emanuel (“Manny”) Vardi.  Combining both my training as a violist and archivist, I have been amazed my journey to understand this incredible person by interviewing his family, colleagues, and former students; listening his broad discography from classical, jazz, and movie music; and by performing the pieces he wrote or championed.  Currently, I am searching for his compositions to feature on my upcoming lecture-recitals.  Luckily, my university has a copy of his Suite Based on American Folk Songs (1977) but I heard that he also wrote a “Fantasy Variations on a Theme of Paganini,” a Suite for Violin and String Orchestra, an earlier (1944) Suite for Viola and Piano, and possibly other pieces as well.  If YOU knew Manny and/or know of how I can find any more of his compositions, I would love to hear from you!  Please fill out my Contact Form.  Thank you!

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Vardi, Emanuel and Vivian Rifkin recording, 1940

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