Compositions and Arrangements by Manny Vardi

little-jo-ann-my-daddy-is-president-kappEmanuel Vardi, primarily recognized for his virtuosic viola playing, was also a skilled arranger and composer.  For my doctoral project, I am currently in the process of tracking down his compositions.  If you know of other compositions and especially if you happen to have the sheet music for the asterisked (*) titles (pieces that I haven’t been able to locate yet), I would love to hear from you through this contact form.  Below is a working list of his compositions/arrangements, also please view my working list of his registered copyrights which includes more of his commercial jingles and popular music compositions:

*Bound for Freedom, for viola and string ensemble featured on NBC’s “Bound for Freedom” Special for the Bicentennial, 1976

Conceptions in Rhythm, Concerto for violin and jazz ensemble, 1978 – possibly recorded by David Nadien for “The Flight of the Eclectic” LP.  If anyone has further information, please contact me!

Concertino for solo horn, string quartet, two winds and keyboard, 1974 – written for and premiered by Brooks Tillotson

The Diary of Anne Frank for string orchestra and optional flute and B flat clarinet, transcribed by George Cole, New York: Marks Music Corporation,  1973.  Vardi originally wrote the music for a television adaptation directed by Alex Segal of the play by Goodrich and Hackett, and aired on November 26, 1967 on ABC.

*Dirty Mouth Vardi-Hambro soundtrack for movie on the life of Lenny Bruce directed by Herbert S. Altman, 1970

Electronic Music, Book II with Lenny Hambro and Michael Zager, R. F. T. Music, 1973
1. Hot Line
2. DuPont Circle
3. Foolish Virgin
4. Room 803
5. Terry’s Song
6. Temperature Rising
7. North Star
8. Mambo

*Fantasy Variations on a Theme by Paganini for viola and piano

From Sea to Shining Sea soundtrack for Reader’s Digest Association movie, 1968

Kreutzer Etude ’44 for viola and piano, 1948

*Life Study, movie soundtrack, 1973

*Lifesavers commercial, Vardi-Hambro Productions, 1976

Modern Sensations, Variations on a Theme by Paganini for trumpet and piano (or band), 1963

*My Daddy is President, 1962, lyrics by David DeNoon

*Once Before I Die/No Toys for Christmas, movie soundtrack, 1966

*Othello, 1972, featured on “The Fisher fidelity standard: a low-distortion musical program source for evaluating high-fidelity equipment”

*Paraphrase on The Blue Danube,” op. 314 by Johann Strauss, Jr., for viola and piano, approximately 1945 

Prelude for cello and piano, Op. 2 No. 1 (Dedicated to David Soyer) which was later reworked and republished for viola and piano as Preludium Antiqua, 1993.

*Romeo.Juliet soundtrack, 1990

Suite on American Folk Songs for violin or viola and piano, 1944
1. The Unconstant Lover
2. I Will and I Must Get Married
3. The Wayfaring Stranger
4. On the Banks of the Old Pee Dee

The Suite was dedicated to his first wife, Margaret, and published by G. Schirmer with copyrights secured in 1946 and 1950.  It was later reworked, adding an additional first movement, renaming the other movements, and updating “I Will and I Must Get Married” into a “contemporary rock feel” of jazzy sonorities and rapidly changing meters renamed “Not So Square Dance.” The Suite for Viola & Piano based on American folk songs was self-published by the Emvar Music Publishing Co. in 1977.
2. Song
3. Not So Square Dance
4. Ad Lib and Slow Walk
5. Middle Fiddler in 3/4 Time

*Suite for Violin and String Orchestra (or Piano), unpublished, 1972 – premiered by Kathryn Kienke and Michael Cannon, 1974
1. Prelude
2. Procession
3. March/The Herald
4. Without Lyrics
5. Festival
6. Dance

*This is America (1977) and This is America 2 (1980) soundtracks for documentaries by Romano Vanderbes

*Together soundtrack for movie directed by Sean S. Cunningham, 1971

*Toys are Not for Children (1972)

Travelog (Suite #1) for orchestra, R. F. T. Music Publishing Corporation, 1966
1. Irish Rhapsody
2. Israeli Dance
3. Israeli Song
4. Along in the Dnieper
5. Chanson Russe
6. Budapest Revisited
7. Donegal Tale

An excellent discography of his jazz and popular recordings (which include his arrangements) are in a blog tribute by Arnaldo Desouteiro.

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2 Responses to Compositions and Arrangements by Manny Vardi

  1. Randie Schroeder says:

    Hi! Did you ever find a set of sheet music for Othello?

    • Lydia Tang says:

      Unfortunately, no. It’s a fun piece, isn’t it? If you have any leads, let me know. I am still looking for any archives that might have Audio Fidelity materials. Thanks for getting in touch!

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