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Recommended Reading

One of the most successful and popular methods of violin teaching is the Suzuki Method.  Sinichi Suzuki learned to play the violin as an adult in the early 20th century, studied in Germany, and introduced a new method violin teaching in his native Japan that developed from his experiences.  This method and his philosophy are documented in his book:

Nurtured by Love

In this book, he observes that all Japanese children can speak Japanese.  A simple and yet powerful observation.  He determines that it is possible for a child to speak such a complex language primarily through the environmental influence and support for learning.  Stressing parent participation and support and developing musical sense through listening and imitation, the Suzuki Method was a stark change from traditional methods of instruction.

Another useful guide for the Suzuki Method as it is directly applied in violin lessons is Edward Kreitman’s Teaching from the Balance Point.

Find more information on the Suzuki Method on the Suzuki Association of the Americas website.  Please also view my other posts on practicing, motivation, and other resources.


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